Why not give the gift

      of a Hypnotherapy

     Relaxation Session?

Hypnotherapy Relaxation Sessions


These wellbeing sessions last 50 minutes.


The purpose of the sessions is relaxation using

suggestions which are tailored to you.


Available in both Clerkenwell and West Norwood, the fee is £49 per session.





Hypnotherapy Sessions for Relaxation

Relaxation Sessions

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy engages your unconscious mind to help you achieve specific goals.  The sessions are usually interactive, incorporating a mixture of interventions - to move you towards your goal - and deeper relaxation using tailored suggestions to consolidate the changes you make.



But what if you don't have a specific goal to work on?


Perhaps you would simply like to enjoy the experience of being in a relaxing trance state.  

Many people report enjoying the experience in itself.  


Hypnosis can have therapeutic benefits in terms of relaxation and wellbeing.

rest-52495_640 chair-575785_640 Gift Certificate

Not sure what gift to buy this Christmas?


A Relaxation Hypnotherapy Session is a great way to relax

after the festive season, to recharge from the effect of a busy schedule, and to benefit from some self-care.


Relaxation Hypnotherapy Sessions are available in West Norwood and Clerkenwell.  The sessions last 50 minutes.


The fee is £49 and a Gift Certificate will be emailed to you or the lucky recipient.