This privacy notice sets out how I use and protect the information you provide when using my services and accessing this website.

Privacy Policy

I intend to ensure that any data you provide is kept secure, managed respectfully and only used for the purposes for which it has been provided.  

This policy will be updated periodically in line with current legislation.


Organisation: Whose Mind Is It Anyway?

Data controller: Alison Easton

Contact: via contact form on Contact page or Telephone: 07773 256903


What information do I collect when you make an initial enquiry and how do I use this information?

When you contact me via my website, phone or email I will collect your:


•email address

•telephone number

•any information you choose to supply regarding the purpose of your enquiry


I use this information in order to make contact with you to discuss your requirements.  I may also use this information so that I may improve my services.  I will use your email address to arrange appointments and, if necessary, send you a link to make payment via PayPal.  For the purposes of clarity, I do not receive or retain your bank details.  Please also refer to PayPal’s Privacy Policy.


What information do I collect at your initial appointment and how do I use this information?

I will ask you for:

•your GP contact details and some basic health information: there are some conditions that are contra-indicated for hypnotherapy and sometimes there are circumstance where it may be necessary for you to contact your GP before commencing therapy. I will inform you of this during a phone consultation or at our appointment should this appear appropriate.


•your home address and date of birth.  This information would be used as identifying data if it was necessary for me to contact your GP.  


I will always seek your consent before contacting your GP unless I am concerned about your welfare and not to do so would put you at risk or you are incapable of providing consent.  (Please see ‘right to restrict procession’ below).


•an emergency contact: only to be used in an emergency with your consent or without your consent if you are not capable of providing consent.


If you wish, you may provide an additional/alternative email address for the purpose of our communicating between sessions.


You do not have to consent to the collection of information, however, if you choose not to provide it, I may not be able to work with you.


What other information do I collect throughout the course of our sessions and how do I use this information?

In your initial session I will take a case history relating to your presenting issue(s).  This information may be supplemented during the course of our sessions.  I will also ask for information regarding your therapy goals: evidence that would let you know that the problem was resolved.  I will use this information to plan bespoke therapy sessions: this includes deciding which interventions to apply during the sessions and creating suggestions that are tailored to you.


During interventions, I will make note of pertinent information.  This assists me in guiding the therapy session and providing suggestions that are tailored to you.


I will ask about changes that you have noticed.  This information enables me to direct the course of the therapy session according to your needs.


I may ask for feedback about the sessions.  You are welcome to provide feedback at any time.  This information helps me to adapt my sessions to your needs and improve my skills.


This information is collected in confidence and will be used as you would reasonably expect.  (Please see ‘right to restrict procession’ below).  


What is my lawful basis for processing?

The lawful basis for processing your data is set out in the table below:


Activity                                                                    Lawful Basis

Collecting data submitted as an enquiry                  Contract

Booking appointments                                             Contract

Carrying out therapy sessions                                  Contract

Contacting your GP                                                  Consent, Vital interests

Referral to another healthcare practitioner               Consent

Retention of personal data                                       Legitimate interests


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