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Subsequent sessions


In the follow-up sessions we will continue addressing

the changes you want to make using a combination of

interventions, hypnosis and suggestion.  


Therapy is a partnership and clients notice the most change when they engage

in the therapy.  I don't have a magic wand, so we'll both have some work to do!  But

people tend to find that committing to the process is both enlightening and empowering.  Taking part in your therapy sets the tone for taking part in your life - rather than letting life happen to you.  


During the course of the hypnotherapy I will set tasks and, when appropriate, provide you with an audio to listen to between sessions in order to consolidate the changes you've made.


These sessions usually take about 60-75 minutes.


The number of sessions required typically varies from just a few for simple problems to perhaps 4-6 sessions for more complex issues.  Often 3-4 sessions may be enough to complete your initial goals with the option to have additional sessions if you wish to build on changes.  Sometimes 3-4 sessions is sufficient for clients to feel they have achieved their goal and that they have the tools to move forwards on their own.  Our aim will be to complete the therapy at the earliest time you feel you have reached your goal.

Hypnotherapy sessions take the form of a partnership - we work together to move you towards your goals

Hypnotherapy Sessions

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What to expect during the sessions...


The first session


The first session takes the form of an in-depth consultation so that I can understand more about you and what exactly you want to achieve from the therapy.  As Cognitive Hypnotherapy is tailored to the individual, this session is key to devising your bespoke treatment plan.


If we have enough time, we can then finish the session with a relaxation induction.  This gives you the opportunity to experience how 'going into trance' is an everyday experience, where you remain in control.  


After the session I will formulate your treatment plan based on the information gained from the consultation.  Where appropriate, I will also give you some tools or exercises to help with resolving your issue.


This session usually takes around 60-75 minutes.


         What are


Cognitive Hypnotherapy incorporates the use of interventions from different therapeutic approaches.


Their purpose is to guide you in making a change subconsciously to the way you think and feel about the issue for which you're seeking help.


Interventions applied during the sessions could include:


Regression including Timeline therapy

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Positive Psychology


Working with internal metaphors

Eye Movement Integration (EMI Plus)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

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Positivity Boost

Free 15 minute recording


This audio is focused on boosting positivity.  


Suggestions in your hypnotherapy sessions are tailored to you specifically and are accompanied by interventions to make subconscious changes.  However, there are common themes that we all benefit from and you may find this recording helpful either on its own or as an addition to hypnotherapy sessions.



Please note that hypnosis may not be suitable for certain pscyhological conditions (e.g. bipolar disorder) or if you have epliepsy as relaxation / hypnosis can be a trigger for seizures.


Not to be used when driving or at other times when you need to be alert.



You can download the audio here: