Perhaps you want to give up smoking, lose weight, stop unwanted habits or start positive behaviours... you could use hypnotherapy to resolve any emotional roots driving the behaviour and/or interrupt the problem pattern and develop a healthier pattern of behaviour.


Maybe you suffer from stress, anxiety or panic attacks, or you want to increase your confidence... through hypnotherapy you can take steps to change your outlook, approach to life and response to life's challenges.


It could be that you have a phobia, or a fear of something that you feel is holding you back... you could use hypnotherapy to re-programme your unconscious to remove the fear or limiting belief.


Perhaps you're suffering or recovering from a health problem... and would like to use the power of the body-mind connection to complement your medical care.


It might be you want to improve your performance in your work or social life - e.g public-speaking, sporting ability, etc... hypnotherapy provides a means through which you can develop your confidence and skill as well as remove any limiting beliefs holding you back.


Or there might be something completely unique to you... there are many areas in which hypnotherapy can be used to help you change ingrained behaviours or believe differently about yourself.     Why not give me a call to discuss whether it could help you ... whatever the issue...

When we are 'hypnotised' we enter a trance state.  There are many different levels of trance from a very light trance all the way through to sonambulism (e.g. sleepwalking).  You will have experienced trance states many times because they are an everyday experience.  We all go in and out of trance states throughout the day - for example, when daydreaming or when our mind wanders.  Have you ever had to turn back to check you locked the front door?  Or perhaps you've arrived at work or another destination without remembering much of the journey?  Trance is characterised by a narrowing or fixating of attention, which is often accompanied by non-conscious action. 


In the hypnotherapy session, the depth of trance isn't important because the unconscious mind can be accessed even in a light trance.  There is nothing freaky about the experience; you will be completely aware of what is happening and fully in control of what you do.  It is very different to stage hypnotism.  In the sessions, we will use a mixture of the trance states which naturally occur during the changework along with induced relaxation.

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