But picture this for a moment:


It is many years from now and you’re looking back on the life you lived.  


You feel a pang of regret at the things you could have done, the things you could have enjoyed, the opportunities you could have taken, the person you could have been.  


If only you could go back and do things differently, give things a go, live the life you wanted to lead.


Perhaps you already feel this way.












For me, this is one of the most rewarding areas to work with: seeing people let go of limiting beliefs and perceived expectations, and start living their life the way they want to.  It’s when we connect with our purpose, our sense of self, the things we enjoy, that we begin to feel free and to feel fulfilment.  


And to me, that’s so important.  Why?  Because my purpose is that we all just have a nice time.

Whatever your goal, I will support you in moving forwards because I want you to have a nice time.  And I believe in you.


Fulfilment is rarely found - it's something that is created  

Creating Fulfilment

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Are you happy?


I don’t mean head-over-heels ecstatic happy.  

That’s not a realistic state to be in all the time...  


But do you feel a general happiness?  


Are you content?  


Do you feel that your life has meaning, purpose, a sense of well-being, enjoyment?  


Or do you feel that something is missing, or not quite right?  Do you feel stuck?




It is easy to get caught up in the pervasive idea that status, work promotions (regardless of whether we like the job) and material possessions are the things that make us happy.


So that not achieving these things can make us feel unhappy.  Yet obtaining these things doesn’t necessarily lead to the anticipated reward.


Seeing friends or acquaintances on social media having a great time can make us feel lonely, inferior or that we’re missing out.


We might know where we want to be and what we want to be doing.  Yet feel that something is holding us back from being that person and doing those things.


Many of us dream of a new career, excelling in a job we enjoy or starting a business but lack the motivation or courage to give it a shot.


We know we’re not happy.  We dream of change.  But somehow it just feels safer to stay with what we know – no matter how awful that certainty is.  

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You can do something today that will change tomorrow for the better.  So that years from now you can look back feeling pleased, proud or happy that you made that change.


And often it just takes a small step to get the ball rolling.  To begin to see that things can be different.  You can be different.


Sometimes it’s just a case of making that decision and then changing your behaviours bit by bit until you’re becoming the person you want to be.  However, if you feel that something is holding you back then Cognitive Hypnotherapy coaching can help you to make those changes to move forwards.  

Well, it’s earlier than you think.