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World Hypertension Day - 17th May 2013

By arison, May 17 2013 09:09AM

Today is World Hypertension Day – an annual worldwide reminder of the serious risk high blood pressure poses to people around the globe. It’s perhaps a particularly important ‘reminder day’ as many people don’t even realise they have hypertension.

Why does it affect so many people? Well, there are many different factors that contribute to high blood pressure. Yes, our lifestyles can play a part – being overweight, not getting enough exercise, drinking too much alcohol, eating too much salt, etc, etc could all be culprits.

However, it’s also been recognised that, in the case of primary/essential hypertension, our emotional health – as a common example: how stressed or anxious we regularly are – can also lead to high blood pressure. Most people now generally accept this. We’re all becoming aware of this negative connection between the mind and body. How easily we accept the negative!

But what about the upside? If we can negatively affect our health by our thought patterns and internalised emotions, the flipside means we can also improve our health by addressing these emotional factors. Why are we so ready to accept we can become ill because of our emotions yet so reluctant to accept that we can use this mind-body connection to heal? It’s time we turned this thinking on its head...

There are simple things we can today, this week, this weekend to let go of negative feelings and create positive messages between our mind and body...

Just some ideas:

20 minutes relaxation/meditation while focusing on breathing deeply ... maybe listening to some relaxing music...

A walk in the park, noticing the sky, wildlife, greenery, hearing the birdsong, feeling the air and the sunshine...

A massage or some yoga...

Spend time relaxing with your pet - stroking your pet releases health-beneficial hormones...

Watch a comedy - especially if makes you laugh out loud...

Yes, maybe it takes an initial outlay of effort ... but the benefits are soon felt as soon as you start.

And you’d also be helping your blood pressure.

If you do have hypertension or are pre-hypertensive you should of course see your doctor in case you need treatment. But why not also turn the mind-body connection to your advantage to help lower your blood pressure naturally?

There are many things you can do yourself. Additionally, the Hypnotension programme can help you find the motivation to change lifestyle behaviours and address any emotional factors which are likely to be behind your raised blood pressure. It uses specific cognitive and hypnotherapeutic techniques to help you reduce your blood pressure naturally. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more or would like to book a Hypnotension consultation session.

However you do it, why not incorporate a bit of self-healing into your day?

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