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What Cognitive Hypnotherapy means to me

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I came across hypnotherapy at a time when I felt stuck in my life.  


I wasn’t especially happy with how my life was at that time and knew that I wanted to change things.  But I just couldn’t see how to move forwards and I lacked the confidence to put myself out there. There must be something wrong with me.  I wasn’t good enough.  


Then, in one of those ‘forked road’ or ‘sliding doors’ moments, I made what seemed like an insignificant decision that ended up taking me along a path of exploration … and I came across something that struck a chord: hypnotherapy.  Here was a possible career that interested me.  And much more than that: a way to change things and lead a happier life.


And Cognitive Hypnotherapy did help me change things.  It opened my eyes to the possibilities within me.  If we are the sum of our memories; the stories we tell ourselves about who we are – then why not write a positive script.  We create our own reality within our minds: we can be who we want to be.


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In fact, I discovered Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with all sorts of issues.  I was fascinated by the breadth of issues and people that I’ve worked with.  And I love the buzz of seeing someone make positive changes whatever the issue; it keeps me inspired.  Variety is great. Yet, I wanted to go deeper, to really focus on one area.  I could say I analysed and cogitated, made a conscious decision and picked this area – but really, looking back, I think it found me.


Perhaps because of my own experience, I felt a particular interest when working with clients whose issue involved feeling ‘stuck’ in some way – whether in their work, in their social life or with their personal goals.  I know the joy – and the relief - of the weight being lifted, of seeing the light emerge at the end of the tunnel, of hearing the negative voice grow fainter and fainter as it’s replaced by a happier soundtrack.  Now I love seeing my clients experience this too.  So over time my practice has evolved to have a focus on clients that want to make positive changes to become ‘unstuck’ and move forwards.  


I believe that when we make positive changes for ourselves that make us happier, this ripples out to the world around us.  Imagine the difference it would make if we were all having a happier time.

Alison is CNHC registered and is a member of the NCH, and adheres to their codes of conduct and ethics.


Alison is a member of the Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association